Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Killer Klowns! Deadly Spawns! Terror Doctors!

That's exactly who filled the International House for the Killer Klowns/Deadly Spawn creature double feature. This was also a benefit show/prize raffle for Dr. Jimmy Harris, PHD(in terror), who's fighting Cancer in the Octagon at UFC 124, with all proceeds from the show going to the Harris clan.

Prizes were donated by various sources(I'm far too lazy to look them up) But I can tell you that Vinegar Syndrome, The Shock Chamber's Daniel Monser-something Italian sounding(I'm not looking that up either), and Waxwork Records. Fright Rags donated a bunch of shirts(sizes girl's small and under).
Yours truly even donated some unopened toys I purchased back before I actually gave a shit about what I spent my money on.

There was only one prize I wanted: The Alamo Drafthouse Gremlins Tiki Mug. Just look at this preview image that Exhumed posted on their Facebook prior to the show:

The Rogue One tumbler is cool, same with the tickets, but that Tiki mug........
My want for this really has nothing to do with Gremlins, as my Tiki collection far outweighs my Gremlins collection(consisting of zero items), but it's demonic face was just too appealing, so I dumped most of my $25 in prize tickets on this set, hoping I'd win.

Sperler alurt: i won

After the prizes were dished out, the films unspooled. Fun was had. Hugs were given. Everyone went home. 

This was an amazing show put on by Exhumed Films. Not because of the films screened, but because of the hearts of the humanity there that day. Harry, Dan, Jesse and Joseph should all be proud of the strong family of people they've built in 20 years, people who will do anything for one another. I myself am a far better person because of the friends I've made through the films we've enjoyed together. Hell, Exhumed Films is what inspired me to write in the first place, and for that I thank them.

Thanks, Exhumed. Thexhumed.
(seriously how boss does this look)

And lastly: FUCK. CANCER.