Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update and stuff...

Hey, long time no blog. Sorry bout that. I have no real excuse as to why I haven't posted here. I've had lots of good ideas, but I have motivation issues. It seems the closer we get to October, the more likely I am to post, but really I should be writing year round.
If I knew I had more readers, I'd probably post more, but i can't get more readers until I post more. Oh those double edged swords.

We were only there for 2 hours, as we had other plans later that night. I brought my friend Laura, who had never been to the horror con before. She seemed to like it, and said that she enjoyed how "into it" I was. We only attempted to meet 2 celebrities: Jesus from True Blood and Glen from Walking Dead. Since Jesus was a no-show and Glen was charging $30 for a signature, we met no one. We did have a good time walking around the sales floor(watching Laura avoid the scary clowns on stilts was doubly fun). As usual, I spent a load of cash on movies. Here's what i added to my ever-growing collection:
(these are all standard releases, unless otherwise noted)
-Twilight Zone: The Movie
-The Horror Hall of Fame 3(bootleg)
-Highway to Hell(bootleg)
-Paranormal Activity 2
-Hostel Part 3
-The Fog(Original)
-Dead Alive(I got sick of waiting for a better release, since I normally hate bare bones DVDs)
-Return of the Living Dead - Region B Blu Ray(A really cool, extras-packed release. I plan on buying a region-free player some day)
-The Boogans
-The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh
A few of these were bought at the DiabolikDVD booth, who are also part of the Exhumed Films gang, responsible for the annual Horror-thon that I can't shut up about.
Joe seemed tired, so I really didn't get to talk to him, but Jesse had a nice present for me: a collection of Exhumed Films print ads from their 15 year history. About a year ago, I let Jesse know that I collected and saved all the current flyer ads that they released, and he said to remind him to bring me some extra ones that he had lying around. He went above and beyond the call of duty and gave me some awesome old flyers, some going back to their first show back in 1997! Laura and Jesse(who are both ball busters) joked that I was gonna start "scrap booking" these things. joking or not, I'm considering it.
I'm gonna try and scan a few of the more important flyers and post them to the Exhumed Films Horror-thon Facebook fan-page that I built. So, keep an eye out.
We left the con promptly at 6:30 so we could make it to the city by 8 and meet my friend Tiff for Exhumed Films Kung Fu double feature of Miami Connection and L.A. Streetfighters. Much like the con, this was Laura's first time at EF, and making it harder was the fact they were purposely screening a movie that is bad(but fun with an audience), but Laura seemed to really enjoy it. Later I remembered that she grew up watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, so I had nothing to worry about. Miami Connection was funnier(and more inept) than expected, but we did not stay for L.A. Streetfighters, as we were all pretty beat. The next EF show is at the end of October: The mighty 666th Annual 24 Hour Horror-thon! Speaking of Horror-thons...
I have been gathering "fantasy football" style Horror-thons from various people for a special feature that I am going to begin posting next month. These fantasy 'thons will range from nobodies(me and my friends), to fellow bloggers(Freddie Young, Rick Romanowski and Sean McLaughlin) to horror big-wigs, like Chris Alo of the Hudson Horror Show and Mr. Lobo & his wife Dixie.
I'm still wrestling with how to handle posting these, but most likely I'll just post what they wrote and add my 2 cents when needed. We'll see what happens the first week of September.
From there we roll right into our favorite month of the year: October! Thus will start the 5th annual 31 Days of Horror(hashtag #31DaysOfHorror on Twitter), but only my 2nd year of actually chronicling it on my blog. This year I will have a few themes, and I have a few movies already planned out on when I want to watch them.
I plan on starting the month out with the original version of The Fog. Also right away I'll be doing a 4-day Scream-fest, watching all 4 Scream movies for 4 days straight. That will crossover with my theme for Tuesdays, which for the whole month of October will be known as "Part 2sday", which, as you may have guessed, will only feature films that are a part two. Friday and Saturdays will most likely feature weirder and sleazier fair, like shot on video features.
Later in the month, I will have the Saw-a-thon, which will be a 7 day event of watching all 7 Saw films back-to-back. Halloween night will be a Ty West double feature with House of the Devil and The Innkeepers.
Another new feature this year will be the running body count, keeping count of all on-screen deaths. Let's see how much death one person can watch in a month's time. I'll be keeping track of all this in real-time on my Twitter(@WetOREO), and then covering it all weekly here.
Last thing: To try and keep things going for my writing, I am taking some cues from Thomas Bryce and John Squiers' blogs, by that I mean I am going to write about some other topics that are dear to me but aren't horror. So, expect some music related blogs to be posted in the coming months. I also plan on a blog about the death of Nintendo Power(my first magazine subscription), and about the 10th anniversary of House of 1,000 Corpses.
Thanks for reading, and see ya'll next week!

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