Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drive: A Half-Assed Review

I randomly decided to watch Drive on this rainy fuck of a Labor Day, after watching a review of it on Half in the Bag. To get right to the point: I liked it. A lot. I know I'll be buying the DVD, and downloading the soundtrack off iTunes.
Ryan Gosling does a superb job as the nameless, semi-emotionless stuntman/grease-monkey/heist-driver. He's really good at being both equal parts dreamy for the girls and badass for the guys, although the high-level of violence in this movie will keep most ladies with their hands over their eyes(this movie features an awesome head-smashing scene that would make Gasper Noe wince).
I went into this movie knowing very little about(the way i like it), and I let out an excited "Oh shit!" when I saw in the well-done opening credits that Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman(in a rare no facial hair or extensive make-up performance) also starred.
There isn't anything bad I can say about this movie, although it is not for everyone, and that's mostly due to how slow-paced it is. My only real problem(and it was a pretty big one) is that this is one of those movies where the dialogue is really quiet and action scenes are FUCKBALLS LOUD! It was incredibly annoying for me to have to constantly turn up and down my volume, depending on what was going on, then turn off my air conditioner because it was too loud for the talky-talky parts. Maybe this was a problem with Netflix, or maybe this movie was designed for people with awesome surround sound systems that I do not own. Either way, whispering while car tires are screeching really loud make for a lousy movie-watching experience. I'm sure that I won't get this kind of problem when watching The Artist.
So, if you're patient with the movies you watch, and don't mind brutal violence, I highly recommend Drive.

Below is my ever-growing list of things that make any movie automatically better. How does Drive stack up?
-Chainsaw Fight NOPE
-Viggo Mortensen UH-UH
-A Pimpmobile NADA
-A Head-Crushing BINGO
-Time Travel NOT HERE
1 out of 5? This is a hard list to fill, so l'll give it a pass.

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