Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exhumed Films Horrorthon 2014 Crib Notes

This is a very random mixture of oddball, "bastard step-children" horror films. It's a Horror Nerd's dream show. When the most mainstream film on the list features a horrific child death, you know you're in for a good time.

Exhumed Films Eight Annual 24 Hour Horrorthon

Movie 1
Stylish, star-studded cosmic horror film worthy of rediscovery

The Keep

The Horrorthon '14 is off to a terrible start as I fall asleep during the first movie. While I'm sure The Keep is a wonderful story, and I will certainly give it another go, I don't agree with this choice as an opener.

Movie 2
Influential Asian horror movie that created it's own sub-genre

Black Magic

Highly enjoyable.

Movie 3
Quite possible the dumbest Giant Monster Movie of all time

Godzilla's Revenge

This is a bottom-rung Godzilla film, which meant this would be a real crowd-pleaser.

Movie 4
Earnest entry in an iconic horror movie series that doesn't live up to it's predecessors, but is still infinitely superior to the terrible sequels and do-overs that followed

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

This would be a stellar choice, but when you've seen the unrated DVD cut, the 35mm print becomes almost dog-shit, because it's censored to Hell.

Movie 5
Fun, rarely screened sci-fi/horror inspired by the 1950s-era atomic monster movies

Blue Monkey

No idea, as we stepped out for a bit.

Movie 6
Creepy "living dead" fan favorite

Pet Sematary

Easily the most well-known film at this year's show, and quite possibly the scariest.

Movie 7
Silly, low-budget horror sequel to the silly, low-budget original which played at a recent Horrorthon

The Gate II

I remember that I watched it, but I don't actually remember it, if that makes any sense.

Movie 8
Infamous and brutal 1970's gore exploitation film that lives up(or down?) to it's reputation as one of the sleaziest, and most disturbing movies of all time; you've been warned

Last House and Dead-End Street

This was a special treat. I was so "out of it" at this point, it took me a few minutes to realize that this was indeed the film I named my blog after, and not "on the Left."
The audience seemed to really hate this experience, which is an reaction that's hard to argue. Dead-End Street is a rough movie to sit through, but everyone in that theater is a better person for having done so, whether they know it or not.

Movie 9
Ridiculously bad, anachronistic "period piece" horror film from a divisive director that folks tend to love or hate... or love to hate

Guru the Mad Monk

Skipped out on the Mad Monk.

Movie 10
Goofy, absurd, and yet strangely charming 1970s creature feature


I remember the elderly romantic subplot better than what the monster looked like, because we were well past midnight at this point, so things were starting to get weirder in the theater.

Movie 11
Gruesome, satirical horror/exploitation favorite

Mother's Day

A sleazy(yet intentionally funny) crowd pleaser. Also, one of my all-time favorite VHS covers.

Movie 12
Clever and enjoyable supernatural "sequel in-name-only" that may actually be a bit better than the original

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

I slept through this, however the very little I did get to watch seemed pretty good. I dig the rhyming-scheme of the title.

Movie 13
Obscure, gory 1980s slasher film

Nightmare at Shadow Woods aka Blood Rage

Very entertaining Thanksgiving-based slasher with "one good/one bad" murderous Twin plot. Recently released by Arrow Video, and is well worth a buy.

Movie 14
Totally awesome, totally creepy "Animals Attack" film

Kingdom of the Spiders


Movie 15
Zombie movie fan favorite that should be a fun film to finish out the festival

Night of the Creeps

Awesome choice to finish the event off, but it ended sour for me personally, as it was this point I started developing a kidney stone, which are incredibly painful. And to pour salt on that wound, I arrived home to find out that my cat had died.
See you in 2015!

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