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Exhumed Films Horrorthon Year 2: 25 Hours!

On November 1st, 2008, Exhumed Films was not only celebrating their 11th year exposing the best of sick-o cinema to the horror-philes of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, but getting ready to put on their 2nd annual horror movie marathon(the horrorthon), only this year with a twist: the festivities were to fall on the weekend where the clocks go back a full hour, thus making the horrorthon a full hour longer! To make things even better was the fact that I was going to actually attend this year, so I was really excited!
Now I had already written a blog back in '08 on my old Myspace page(http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=48088820&blogId=448467854), which was used in a City Paper article last year(yeah professional published author!), so once again this is just a general recap of the clues given and the movies shown. Also added in are my reactions to each film. Lucky you.

12:15PM - Living-Dead-Getting-Revenge Flick - The Fog

I had never sen this one before and have not watched it since, but I do remember really liking it. Time to give it another viewing, maybe side-by-side with the Tom Welling remake.

2:15PM - One of the greatest giant monster movies of all time. - Destroy All Monsters

I was never a big Godzilla fan, and this movie is a big reason why. Now while I do enjoy the whole cheesiness of the films, and who doesn't love rubber monsters beating the snot out of each other, but the 1st hour of this movie reeeaaally drags on. The final monster battle royal is awesome, but best viewed at home so you can fast forward.

3:45PM - Unique, rarely seen horror oddity - Wicked, Wicked

Now this was one of the best films shown during the horrorthon! A completely off-the-wall "slasher film" that was shown in DUO-VISION, which was simply 2 screens, side by side, showing 2 things going on at the same time in the movie. One was the killers POV, the other was he victims(it's not as annoying as it sounds). I absolutely loved this movie and have been dying to find a bootleg. Movies like this is the reason to go to the horrorthon!

5:35PM - "Old School" Science Fiction Classic - The Incredible Shrinking Man

I'm glad they showed this, because I would have never watched it on my own. This film was way ahead of it's time for the 50's, with effects that still looks good today.

6:45PM - Dinner Break - They showed a horror movie documentary called The Horror Of It All.

7:55PM - Horror sequel that is not as good as the original, but is still pretty damn entertaining in it's own right - Phantasm 2

Although it's obviously a big-budgeted, action oriented, major studio sequel to a low budget, atmospheric, independent horror tale, as the hint states, it's still damn entertaining.

9:45PM - Slasher Classic - A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie is a beloved classic, so it really needs no extra notes from me.

11:45PM - Comedy/Monster Movie Favorite - Fright Night

As the movie opened with the "Columbia Pictures" logo, I literally became overjoyed thinking it was going to be Ghostbusters...I was not disappointed to be wrong, though.

1:30AM - Dan Fraga's favorite Halloween film of all time. - Dead & Buried

Not knowing who Dan Fraga was at the time(one of the Exhumed Films guys), guessing this movie was impossible. This is a dark, foreboding movie(from the savage-beating opening to the climactic ending) has since become one of my favorites of all time. A must see during the Halloween season!

2:00Am - Clocks are turned back a full hour

2:20PM - Sleazy/bizarre slasher guilty pleasure - The Boogey Man

I found this to be a sleazy masterpiece, with some of the craziest killings I've ever seen in a horror film! Totally worth watching while your "goonin' face".

4:00AM - I'm kind of at a loss on how to describe this film... Um... It's a horror film - Island of the Damned

This movie was balls-to-the-wall insane/awesome! Starts slow but perfectly builds to a fantastic ending. Also features one of my all-time favorite movie deaths! Another movie I never would have seen if not for the horrorthon!

5:30AM - Ridiculously goofy monster movie guilty pleasure - EQUINOX

I did not like this movie upon my 1st viewing, but I've since seen it again and enjoyed much more the 2nd go round.

7:00AM - Breakfast time! - Exhumed Films provided everyone with free cereal as they showed The Superfriends meet Frankenstein, which was just awful. I almost left when I thought they were going to show a 2nd one.

7:20AM - Horror sequel that is not as good as the original, but is still pretty damn entertaining in it's own right - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

If you do not love this movie, you are not a horror fan and you're no friend of mine.

9:00AM - Campy monster movie cult classic - The Food of the Gods

Oof...this movie was hard to sit through, with it being the 13th out of 14 films. The special effects were pretty good for this being a Bert I. Gordon film, but being raised a MSTIE made me not trust this movie.

10:45AM - Zombies. Gotta bring it home with zombies - The Return of the Living Dead

Unarguably the best zombie movie ever made. Think about how scary this movie is: the zombies CAN NOT BE KILLED! If you burn them, all fucking hell breaks loose! Fantastic punk rock soundtrack rounds out how awesome this movie really is. I truly feel that this is a horror film that non-horror fans can truly enjoy. Rest In Peace Danny O'Bannon!

Part 3 tomorrow! Stay scared!

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