Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exhumed Films Horrorthon Year 3: RAW FORCE

It was October 23rd, 2009 and the 3rd annual Exhumed Films Horrorthon was upon us! I arrived at the International House around 10:30am to see a HUGE line of people waiting to get in already! Luckily I was able to secure my favorite seats, and was able to hold a few for my friends who were showing up later in the day(this year they will be arriving with me, as I will not miss any movies for people this year).
On to the list:

12:15PM - Beloved(by some!) horror/monster movie directed by a genre favorite - Creepshow

There isn't a horrorphile alive that doesn't adore this movie, and if their is I don't want to know them! Quite possibly has one of the oddest casts in horror movie history: Leslie Nielson. Ted Danson. Hal Holbrook. Ed Harris... All of them good actors not known for horror movies at all, which made them great casting choices.

2:30PM - Giant Monster Movie - Godzilla on Monster Island

The only thing I remember about this Godzilla flick is that it was unintentionally hilarious. Definitely better than Destroy All Monsters from the prior year.

4:15PM - Science Fiction/Horror Modern Classic - The Fly(1986)

This was a nice surprise for me, as I had never seen this David Cronenburg classic and the horrorthon was the perfect setting for it! Jeff Goldblum had never been better(except for maybe Death Wish) and Geena Davis was good casting as Goldblum's gay lover, Pete(she's a guy, right?). Best movie to watch Jeff puke all over people.

6:00PM - "Old school" gothic horror starring 2 genre favorites - The Oblong Box

I went out for dinner during this movie, so forgive my lacking anything to say about it, except that it starred Count Dooku.

8:00PM Slasher sequel that many people enjoy in spite of(or perhaps because of) it's utter stupidity - Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

This one should've been titled Jason Vs. George McFly!

9:30PM - Definitely one of weirdest, most gratuitous, bat-shit craziest films of the evening, if not of all time - Raw Force

This movie delivered what it promised: bat-shit craziness! Ninja fighting! Naked women! Crazy commandos! Asian Hitler! Cannibal monks! Zombies! This is a great party movie! The crowd went nuts for this!

11:15PM - Stunning Giallo(italian horror) from a master of the genre - The Next Victim (A.K.A. The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh)

NOT the best movie to follow up Raw Force with... Kinda like your girlfriend offering foreplay AFTER you cum all over her. This movie did nothing for me, but maybe I need to see it again. I'm willing...

12:45AM - Sleazy, absurdist zombie movie guilty pleasure - City of the Living Dead(A.K.A. Nightmare City)

I remember this movie being loads of fun with an odd ending. The zombies had terrible make up, though. Looked like they had huge scabby heads. I need to see this again.

2:15AM: Verily! A sword & sandal epic unmatched in the annals of time - Hercules in the Haunted World

I remember NOTHING about this movie... Man I'm on a roll this year. I better do my best to stay more awake at this years horrorthon or GTFO! Another film starring Count Dooku.

3:45Am - Rarely screened thriller that is dark, brutal and generally unpleasant. Starring a genre favorite - Trauma(A.K.A. House on Straw Hill)

Zzzzzzzzz... What..was I snoring? Where am I? Is their a movie playing? Is that the credits? Why am I wet?

5:15AM - Ok, remember how insane movie #6 was? Or how you thought nothing could make less sense, or be more entertaining? Seriously, poke that guy sitting next to you and wake his ass up! He's not going to wanna miss this - Lady Terminator

This movie... this movie... how in the blue hell do you explain this movie? It's actually next to impossible. Yale has a whole course trying to figure out how to properly explain this movie to people. For me, the only way to describe it is "An Indonesian Terminator rip-off". The movie is loads of fun, especially with a good audience. I ended up showing it for my birthday last year.

7:30AM - Nifty, creepy and fun little horror movie starring no one you've ever heard of - The Children

What is with Exhumed Films obsession with showing movies about kids getting killed? God bless ya, EF! This gem has a bunch of diseased children burning adults alive with their bare hands. I seem to remember one adult running around cutting kids hands off with a katana blade. Four stars!

9:00AM - Enjoyable "animals attack" films starring just about every genre favorite ever - Piranha

Fantastic Joe Dante movie that shows off some early effects that he would later use in Gremlins. I heard the remake is also a ton of fun.

10:45AM - Wow, what a surprise, the horrorthon ends with yet another zombie flick. Oh Exhumed Films, you are so predictable... - Re-Animator

What a wonderful movie to end with! I am embarrassed to say I had never seen this before, but it makes seeing it on the big screen for the 1st time all the more special. Since then I've seen it two more times and I've come to the conclusion that it's the most perfect horror movie of all time. Yay or nay?

I'm pretty annoyed at myself that I missed at least 4 or 5 movies during this horrorthon, but I promise that I will not fall asleep at all this year! I'ma bringing 2 Eight Balls with me... Booya!

I hope you enjoyed my over-views of the Exhumed Films Horrorthons, but I still have one more post to make on the subject: my own personal "survivors guide"for 24 hours of horror movies away from home. Look for that tomorrow.


  1. Can't believe you call yourself a horror fan, yet refer to Christopher Lee as "Count Dooku".

  2. THEIR lies the humor in it, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.