Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days Of Horror 4: Part 2

~Continued from the previous post~

#7 The Fly 2*
As much of a classic that Chronenberg's Fly was, the sequel was every bit the opposite. It takes forever to get going, the transformation is underwhelming and the final "monster", was anything but memorable, and the producers were really hoping that the creature would be put in the same class with all the other Hollywood movie mosters throughout the decades.
After thought: Martin Brundle, much like his father, uses the teleportation pods to get tail.
Best kill: The security guard's head being crushed by the elevator is spectacular, especially when it almost got the movie an X rating.

#8 Phantasm 2
Here's a novel idea: Take a smart, scary horror film, have a major motion picture company buy the rights to it, release a sequel that's not scary, turning it into a action movie, proceed to drop the license after movie bombs. Phantasm 2 is goofy, nonsensical fun.
After thought: I NEED a replica of Reggie Banister's duel-barreled, beveled shotgun.
Best Kill: Nothing beats the gold sphere with the spinning blades getting stuck coming out the one dude's mouth.

#9 Rogue*
My 2nd croc-related movie of the month(and probably not the last), was written and directed by the same guy who did Wolf's Creek, which gave me high hopes and I was not disappointed. As far as modern "giant animal attacks" movies go, this is the current granddaddy. It's pretty obvious that the movie's whole budget was used of the croc's CGI and boy does it show. While there are a few scenes where the monster looks pretty fake, most of the time it looks fantastic.
After thought: I have to say though, the cast is pretty bland. Not horrible, but nothing special.
Best kill: I can't really say w/o spoiling the end.

#10 Pieces
Now this is a movie that can please even the most hardened gore-hound! This one is best viewed with a large crowd, as the really bad english dubbed dialogue will be more appreciated that way.
Brutal, ridiculous violence, horrific voice-over, nudity from all sexes, x-rated jigsaw puzzles, lost limbs, and a sleazy, moog-synth soundtrack makes Pieces a must see!
After thought: Keep an watchful eye out for the push-button phone, prominently displayed in a flashback set in the 1940s. Derp dee doo...

#11 Psycho
First time I saw this movie, I was young and didn't care much for it. Now that I'm older and more mature(boobs. farts.), I now appreciate what it did for horror films, showers and pop culture.
After thoughts: This movie stirred up controversy in the bathroom, but not because of the infamous shower scene, but because this was the first film to ever feature a flushing toilet in it. I wonder how many people were genuinely offended by this?
Best kill: Nothing beats Janet Leigh's shower death.

#12 Psycho II
This movie surprised me. I half expected a lame sequel to a movie that did not need to be sequelized, but boy was I wrong. Spooky, sleazy, atmospheric and mystery-laden, Psycho II is a worthy successor to Hitchcock's classic.
After thought: This features the first of 2 "before they were stars" managers of the Bates Motel: Mr. Dennis Franz!
Best Kill: The old woman who gets murdered with a shovel to the back of the head was pretty great AND unexpected.

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