Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days Of Horror 4: Part 3

#13 Dead & Buried
This movie is an unsung horror classic if there ever was one. It's about as violent as a movie can be, with the added effect of having a great story and a deep mystery going through it. The more I watch it, the more I pick up.
After thought: Needed more Robert England, but that can be said for most films.
Best kill: Oh it's gotta be the syringe to the eye.

#14 Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
The 90s saw two Crypt movies, this of course is obviously the better one. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that we never got a sequel; I would've liked to see Jada Pinkett continue the story on.
After thought :Billy Zane's evil "lord of the demons" character deserves to stand next to Jason & Freddy in the Halls of Horror.
Best kill: Zane's "fist through the cop's head" is great, but it's made even better when the head gets stuck on his hand and he starts punching people with it.

#15 The Horror Of It All
This is a fine, hour long documentary on the history of horror, from the silent era, up till the late 70s. It's currently only available on VHS, and I'd love to see it get a DVD treatment so more will see it.

#16 Psycho III
The 3rd installment in the Psycho series does not really continue the awesome that the original and the 2nd brought to the table. While it's not a bad sequel, it's just nothing special. 
Is does, however, continue the "before they were stars" celebrity managers of the Bates Motel with one Mr. Jeff Fahey!
After thought: As the original Psycho was controversial for being the 1st movie to have a flushing toilet, Psycho III goes one step further and features not only the toilet, but a pretty young girl sitting and peeing on said toilet. Classy.
Best kill: I was very amused by the girl who is stabbed to death in the telephone booth, exactly like the famous "shower stabbing" from the original.

#17 Jason X
I was in the mood for something goofy, and this certainly fits the bill. While J-X is not a very good meld of horror and scifi(psst it lacks horror), it is a nice change of pace from the other 9 Friday the 13th films, and I certainly always respect trying something new.
This movie does have a glaring flaw that I just noticed with this most recent viewing: Uber-Jason(as he is called in the credits) does absolutely nothing! He kills nobody at all! He gets created, busts down a couple of doors, and then gets taken down by Seal with muscles! Total gip! It's Jason Takes Manhattan all over again! They could've easily had him turn Uber 10 minutes earlier and had him bust a few people up. Ah, but I digress. This movie does indeed feature the funniest scene in Friday history: Uber-Jason beating to death the 2 girls in the sleeping bags in the holo-chamber.
After thought: Absolutely the worst score I've ever heard in a horror movie. Hands down.
Best kill: When Jason shoves the blonde face first into the freeze chamber, let's her ice-up real good, and then proceeds to shatter her face into a red, icy mess.

#18 It's Alive*
This movie was about as unremarkable as any horror movie can be. Drab characters, drab scenery, drab dialogue and drab off-screen violence. 
After thought: I had seen the sequel first, It Lives Again, at the Exhumed Film's Horrorthon last year and I enjoy it so much more.
Best kill: The milkman's death amused me, but still wasn't anything special.

to be continued...

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