Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Horror: Year 5 - Part 4

Movie 29

There really isn't much I can say about this movie without giving anything away. Since it's new in theaters, spoilers are a no-no.
I still need to watch PA 2 & 3, but I doubt I'll be able to fit them in.
I will say, that if you like the other films in the series, you'll also love PA4.
One More Thing: Apparently they are filming a Latino version of Paranormal Activity, which will likely be titled Paranormos Activityos. Wakka?

Movie 30

(from last year's blog)
Who the hell doesn't like Creepshow? While it's far from scary, it's probably the most fun a movie can be. I really enjoy how it takes many actors not normally used in the horror genre and made the best of them. Leslie Nielsen was never meaner in any movie that I've seen him in, but supposedly Ted Danson does not look back at his experience filming this very fondly, which is a shame.
Body Count: 12
Best Death: The art of dance. Ed Harris murders it dead during Father's Day.
One More Thing: After rewatching Creepshow this year, I think the reason why Danson hated it was because during most of his story, he is buried up to neck in the sand. Probably for hours at a time. I guess I don't blame his hate.

Movie 31

I made the mistake of watching this at 3 in the morning. Because of this, I had a bit of a hard time paying attention(not dozing off), but I took most of the story in.
An alien from another dimension comes to Earth to steal our dead, re-animate them as mutant dwarves and eventually take over the world. The infamous killer sphere only makes a quick appearance here, but is used more in the sequels.
Body Count: 3
Best Death: Silver sphere imbeds itself into a guy's head, then proceeds to squirt his blood all over the place. Awesome/disgusting stuff.
One More Thing: The hero of the Phantasm series, Reggie Banister, is very likable. It's a shame I haven't seen him in many things.

Movie 32

(from last year's blog)
Here's a novel idea: Take a smart, scary horror film, have a major motion picture company buy the rights to it, release a sequel that's not scary, proceed to drop the license after the movie bombs. Shame. Phantasm 2 is goofy, nonsensical fun.
Body Count: 9
Best Death: A gold, killer sphere digging it's way into a dude's back, and then getting stuck trying to saw it's way out of the same guy's mouth.
One More Thing: I NEED a replica of Reggie Banister's duel-barreled, beveled shotgun.

Movie 33

This 1999 Japanese horror film is about as disturbing a film as I've ever seen. I watched it alone, but I'm sure the final 30 minutes was watched with a "about to get sick" look on my face.
Worth watching once, but you'll more than likely never want to again.
Body Count: 3
Best Death: There's a sweet beheading with a steel wire, but this movie is more known from it's slow-paced torture scene at the ending.
One More Thing: My DVD copy had horrid subtitles issues, which made Audition hard to take seriously half of the time. I spent more time laughing than anything else, and I doubt that was the film's intentions.

My next blog will be the review of the 2012 Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon, which took place this past weekend. Those movies will not be included in the 31 Days of Horror list, as I consider them to be a different entity.
Look for that post tonight.

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