Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Past Revisited Part Two

31 Days of Horror 3: 2010
Some argued that Oldboy is not horror. It's definitely horrific.
-Dawn of the Dead(2004)
-28 Weeks Later
-Paranormal Activity
I was not sober for Paranormal Activity and I barely remember it.
-Burial Ground
-High Tension
-The Town That Dreaded Sundown
-Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers
-1408 Director's Cut
-Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary was the choice of my friend Phil, from his parent's collection of pirated movies. It was terrible and horribly forgettable.
-Dead & Buried
This one has become a Halloween staple for me. I'll be doing a list next month of the best films to watch for Halloween that have nothing to do with Halloween.
-My Bloody Valentine 3D
-My Bloody Valentine(1981)
Another Classic Vs. Remake double feature, with the remake winning this round.
-Shaun of the Dead
-Doctor Butcher M.D.
-The Warriors
NOT horror, but was in the mood.
-Trick r' Treat
-The Blob(1950's)
-The Blob(1988)
I forgot that I did 2 Original Vs. Remake double features. This one's a tie.
-Freddy Vs. Jason

This next one would be the year I decided to start covering my movie watching on this blog, which you can find(most of) in the archive.
If I remember correctly, I tried to make a rule for the month: every other movie watched had to be something I'd never seen before. This stopped rather quickly, as it's hard for me to stick to any rules I make up for 31 Days of Horror. It's also why I never get involved in anyone else's movie watching contests, because they seem to have too many restrictive rules.
31 Days of Horror 4: 2011

This was a viewing of the complete Grindhouse, seeing it in it's entirety for the first time since theaters. It didn't seem to hold-up well.

These last two was a special Hal Holbrook double feature. You heard me.
-An American Werewolf in London
-The Fly(1986)
-The Fly 2
-Phantasm 2
-Psycho II
First time watching Psycho 2. I fully expected a bad, unwanted sequel, but was surprised at how good this film is.
-Dead & Buried
-Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight
-The Horror of it All
Fun horror doc that covers the silent era all the way to the late '70s.
-Psycho III
-Jason X
-It's Alive
-The Video Dead
-The Children
-The 1990 Horror Hall of Fame
-The Thing(2011)
-The Thing(1982)
-The Thing from Another World(1951)
Remake/reboot/prequel/whatever Triple Feature. Carpenter's take wins with little problem.
-Who Could Kill A Child
-The Monster Squad
-The Deadly Spawn
-Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
-Red State
-Phantom of the Paradise
-Little Shop of Horrors(1986)
Horror Musical Double Feature. Never shown: REPO The Genetic Opera
-The People Under The Stairs
-The City of the Living Dead
-Halloween 2

Only 1 more year to cover and after that, we begin the decent into hell that is the  31 Days of Horror! Hashtag that shit.

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