Thursday, September 5, 2013

lnstant Feedback: Robocop Remake Trailer

l just watched the trailer for MGM's Robocop remake, due in theaters February 2014, and l'm sure lt's no surprise that it was an underwhelming experience.
Right off the bat the film has a huge strike against itself because it's been watered down to a PG-13 rating. The original Robocop almost received an X rating, for violence.
Now, l realize that a movie does not need to be overly violent to be good(although it is what saved Robocop 2 from beng a real stinker, just ask Robocop 3 what THAT feels lke), so l will keep an open mind, story-wise, when the film gets released at the beginning of next year.
l will give ths movie one kudos: it's has a spectacular cast!
Gary Oldman!
Michael Keaton!
Jay Baruchel!
Samuel FUCKlNG Jackson!
Jackie Earl Haley!
That one dude from The Killing on AMC!
lf this was a 100% original Sci-Fi film, this cast would have me doing cartwheels. But alas, it's a nuetered remake.
Hopefully the story surprises us.

Quick Notes:
l wonder if there are any cameos from Peter Weller or Nancy Allen?
l don't mind Robocop's more slender design, and l love the light-up visor.
Although, the ED-209 desgn sucks.
Does the "l'll Buy That For A Dollar" guy/joke make an appearance(he fucking better)?

"Bitches, leave."

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