Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Will You Smile Again?"

No blogs since November. Sorry about that, Warriors. My excuse is solid though, what with being sent to Bermuda to work construction for a few months. Internet SUCKS there, unless you wanna pay by the hour, like AOL circa 1996. Which makes perfect sense since most of Bermuda's furniture looks like it was used in an early Wes Anderson movie. The dream of the '90s is alive in Bermuda(sorry Fred and Carrie!).
The only thing l'll say about Bermuda: truly gorgeous beaches, with people to match. I honestly don't stare at people, but l saw some women on these beaches with the best abdominal muscles l've ever seen. Just unreal. One of which deserved a basket full of money and puppies.
Nice knowin' ya, Bermuda. You'll never have me inside you again.
Here's the list of theatrical and VOD horror films I've seen so far this year, most of which l'll try to give a better review to in October:
Texas Chainsaw 3D: Liked it, despite it's utter stupidity.
John Dies at the End: Fantastic! Supernatural meets The Naked Lunch.
Evil Dead: Fucking loved it. Possible Movie of the Year contender.
The Purge: Liked it, despite some utter stupidity.
The Conjuring: Loved it, but best watched with a large crowd.
The ABCs of Death: Dreck.
Bad Milo: Really good, and played more serious than expected, which through me off.
You're Next: Have not seen it yet. PLEASE forgive me! l chose to see The World's End first.
This blog post is not an isolated incident, l promise you. This week l'll be posting my Monster Mania-Con review(some drunken wackiness, plus my disdain for where the con seems to be heading creatively), some horror toy reviews(Neca's NES Jason, Freddy's Furnace playset) and the countdown to the greatest month of the year:


Which includes:
31 Days of Horror(Watching as many horror movies as possible in 31 days).
Posting one Halloween special a day, everyday on this blog and the facebook page.
Planning on how l'm gonna scare the Christ out of the children on Halloween night.
And, the MAlN EVENT, on October 26th: The Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.

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