Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Year 6 - Horror-thon Countdown Part 3

Exhumed Films Horror-thon - 2009

This is my shameful Horror-thon, as I slept through 6 of the 14 movies screened. I just was not feeling it that year, and I guess you could say that this was my least favorite year out of all of them.
So, I re-watched a couple of the films I missed. How were they?


Horror-thon Start Time: 12:45AM
Clue: Sleazy, absurdist zombie guilty pleasure

The 35mm print they screened at the Horror-thon was titled City of the Living Dead. You'd thins this is a pretty straight-forward zombie movie, except for the fact that all the zombies know how to use hunting knives and machine guns, and can fight pretty well. Seriously, watching a zombie throw a good punch made me laugh pretty hard. Also, the zombie make-up is hilariously ridiculous, as they look less like zombies and more like scabby-headed mutants. Well dressed scabby-headed mutants, that is.
Nightmare City is a fun movie, and I'm real sorry I snoozed through it the first time around.
Kill Count: 74 - And we may have our champion for the month; I don't think anyone's beating that number. This is just counting people. I did not count zombie death or anyone who was hit in the chest with a bat(that's hardly a death blow).
Best Death: Woman falls to her death and it's obviously a dummy. Good stuff.
One More Thing: The ending MAY piss people off.


The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

Horror-thon Start Time: 11:15PM
Clue: Stunning Giallo from a master of the genre

They screened this Italian Giallo right after the bat-shit craziness that was Raw Force, which was not a good idea, because it's slowness put most of the audience to sleep, myself included.
I can honestly say, now that I've given it a second chance, that this movie is indeed boring. I gave i a good half hour, but it lost to Giant Boulder of Death on my iPod and Opie & Anthony on my XM.
Kill Count: 3 before I lost interest
Best Scene: *Butt-Head face* Uhhh...
One More Thing: :P

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