Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Year 6 - Horrorthon Countdown Part 1

This week is Horror-thon Week, and each day we're going to remember each and every Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon(all 6), counting down to 7th annual show this Saturday.
I'll be choosing 2 random films from each 'thon, remembering my 'thon experience with those films, friend's experiences, yadda yadda yadda.

Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-Thon - 2007

The original Horror-thon was Exhumed Films way of celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The guys figured it'd be a fun thing to do once and that MAYBE a few people would show up.
7 years later, the event now sells out in less than 2 days and people beg for tickets constantly up to the day before the show.
Sadly, I missed the very first Horror-thon, so I no have experience from the show, so this will be a normal 31 Days of Horror review. My next blog, and all the others following this one, will be a little more in-depth about the events.


Horror-thon Start Time: 5:15PM
Clue: Gruesome favorite that doesn't fall into any particular genre

I've never had the best relationship with Hellraiser. When I first watched it, over 20 years ago,  I was bored to tears. I guess Hellraiser is a bit slow for a kid(and violent. and sexual. and...). Add in the fact I've never see Hellbound, and Hell on Earth disturbed me, made me not give this franchise a proper chance for a long time.
I'm happy to say that this viewing was an incredibly pleasurable one, and for the first time in my life I am a Hellraiser fan.
I honestly hope they show Hellbound at this weekend's Horror-thon.
Kill Count: 7 - Yes, I counted Frank twice.
Best Scene: "Jesus Wept."
One More Thing: Using the claw-hammer as a murder weapon freaks me the hell out. Probably because a childhood chum tried to bludgeon me with a hammer once. I was fine, because his father saw the whole thing and intervened. Boy, did HE ever get a whuppin'.

Movie 20

Horror-thon Start Time: 7:15AM
Clue: "sort-of-living-dead-but-not-really" cult classic

I'm about to surprise a lot of people: I wasn't the biggest fan of this movie. Maybe it's because I was tired while watching it, but I was pretty bored. I am totally willing to give this movie a better chance down the road, but for right now, I'm really 'meh' about it.
Kill Count: 5 was the last number I had written down before my disinterest caused me to lose count.
One More Thing: Bloody awesome soundtrack, though. Same with the score.

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