Friday, October 25, 2013

Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon Survival Guide: 2013 Edition

This here is my yearly, always revised helpful guide to try and make your theatrical movie marathon experience go smoothly, both for yourself and the folks who have to clean up after us messes.

1. If you're coming with a party of more than 2 people, remember that the earlier you arrive, the better. Pretty simple.

2. Dress as comfortably as you see fit for sitting in a movie theater for 24 straight hours. So, I'd think twice about that GWAR cosplay you may've been considering.

3. Bring pillows and blankets for the wee hours. I even hear the I-House has lifted their snuggy ban, that was originally enacted back in 1909.

4. A small pocket flashlight helps, trust me. Just be conservative with it, as not to annoy other horror-thon attendees. I'm sure you'll have annoyed them enough already.

5. There will be vendors at the event selling vegan and non-vegan food stuffs(im too lazy to link them here). I DO know that Spot Burger had to bail this year, which is horrible. Check the official Exhumed Films facebook for more info.

6. Money money money money moneeeeeeeey... Sorry, I had a  Million Dollar Man flashback. BUT, bring some money to buy a Home Video or two from DiabolikDVD and some Exhumed Films show posters from HauntLove. There will also be a limited number of Horror-thon Part 7 t-shirts available for your t-shirty pleasures.

7. Bring stuff, whatever stuff you use, to make sure you keep smelling inoffensive for 24 hours. PLEASE skip your usual breakfast of coffee and feces, if you can help it(that's a Jim Norton line, that I enjoy, so please forgive me).

8. Bring a trash bag to help clean up after yourself and your party at the end of the event. You can even use it as a make-shift Halloween costume beforehand: "I'm crazy Garbage Bag Man! Gimme some candy!" Ok that last one is an Adam Sandler line. I'm even more sorry now.

Ok kids, pretty simple stuff. Let's all have a great time at the goddamned Horror-thon this weekend!

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