Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days Of Horror: Year 6 - Part 2

Before we start, I need to link everyone to a few fellow bloggers who're also sharing in the 31 Days of Horror goodness: Tiffs & Shaz! They are killing it thus far, so give them a read when you're done here.
Ok then, I'm gonna fudge the order of movies from the past week, so I can do a full post of Halloween films, which will be blog post part 3.
Let's get it on!


Last year I attempted to watch all 7 Saw films, and proceeded to fail miserably. I just wasn't feeling them at the time, so I stopped at part 3. This year, we attempt to finish what we started.
Saw IV has a strong opening and a killer ending, with a lot of snore in the middle. We're also introduced to a new Jigsaw killer, and they chose an actor who starred in an honest to goodness ET porn. Sadly, this is not used in any of the kills.
Oh well, look for Saw V, VI and VII next week.
Kill Count: 7
Best Death: A certain popstar gets their head crushed by two 100 pound ice blocks. Pretty fucking awesome.
One More Thing: I find this to be the most confusing of the series(although I've yet to see 7), as it seems that both Saw III & IV happen concurrently! I have watched Saw IV at least 3 times and I still have no idea how.


Until recently, this was my personal favorite of the modern remakes. Featuring a great cast that you genuinely care about, humanoid mutant hillbilly cannibals, a frightening "lost in the desert and nobody knows we're here" setting, and some savage brutality sprinkled in for good measure, makes this movie, for me, a remake in the same vein as Cronenberg's The Fly and Carpenter's The Thing.
Kill Count: 15! Beating out Beware! The Blob!
Best Scene: Waking up in a hot, locked, non-working freezer filled with blood and body parts. Nightmarish scenario for anyone, especially the claustrophobic.
One More Thing: I cannot, at the same time, recommend The Hills Have Eyes 2. The opening has a sweet mutant baby birth scene, but otherwise it's dogshit.


A horror movie with heart? Who'da thunk it? I was one of the lucky few who was able to watch this without ever seeing the "let's give away everything" trailer, and I was better off for it.
If you've not seen T&D, do so soon and pair it with Shaun of the Dead for a fantastic double feature.
Body Count: 12
Best Death: Let's just say, a woodschipper in a horror movie is never a good thing(or maybe it's the best thing, depends on how you look at it).
One More Thing: I'd love to see more Tucker & Dale. Maybe Tucker & Dale Save Christmas? Tucker & Dale Do Their Taxes? Tucker & Dale Have Heat Exhaustion? The ideas are endless!

This is a short blog, as next time we'll focus solely on Halloween 1-6.

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