Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Year 6 - Horrorthon Countdown Part 2

Exhumed Films Horror-thon - 2008

Ah yes, the first year I attended. This is the year that I still feel had the strongest line-up when compared to any of the following years, but that might be caused by my first-timer excitement giddiness. Here's the list if you need to be reminded what played.


Horror-thon Start Time: 10:45AM
Clue: Zombies. Gotta bring it home with zombies.

This was the perfect end to the perfect movie marathon. I remember the trailer reel they showed before was almost like a countdown. It was a collection of Zombie films, mostly the "...of the Dead" ones, with some others mixed in for good measure. These trailers were the teasing foreplay before the best climax you could ever wish for in Return of the Living Dead. The International House was sent home satisfied that day.
Kill Count: My official 'on screen' count was 24, but then 20 square blocks of Louisville, KY are blown up by the Government, and they claim just under 4,000 dead. So yeah, TRIOXIN fucked this town.
Best Scene: When the zombies start asking for more paramedics & police from the abandoned ambulances and police cruisers.
One More Thing: And you just know had this movie first come out when there was internet, the whiney cry-baby groups would be yelling and screaming over talking zombies. Go get fucked by Tar Man.


Horror-thon Start Time: 3:45PM
Clue: Unique, rarely seen horror oddity

Now this film is what the Horror-thon is all about: special attractions that you wouldn't bother seeing anywhere else.
This one was a real crowd please, but if I could've changed one thing in hindsight, I would have switched this movie with Fright Night, which played at 11:45PM. I think they played this one too early, and while this didn't hurt the film, i jut feel it needed to be saved for later.
Today's the first time I've watched Wicked, Wicked since then, and while it's still fun, the audience experience made it a much better film. I wonder what bat-shit crazy movie Exhumed Films is planning for this weekend?
Kill Count: 5
Best Death: We get a sweet beheading, with an actual guillotine!
One More Thing: After doing some poking & prodding on Twitter, I found out that Warner Archive is finally giving this movie the home video treatment it deserves.


  1. without ROTL we wouldnt have the universal BRAINSSSS!!!! BRAINSSS!!! zombie imitation

    1. And Tar Man was so greedy: "MORE BRAINS!"